About Red Lemon


Red Lemon Design was conceived in Cyprus, in 2010. We started off designing logos for business t-shirts but realised we really enjoyed creating designs for a much wider audience and this has evolved in to the Red Lemon Design brand today. Here at Red Lemon, we love crafting and adding hand-made touches to t-shirts. There's no factory production line; all our designs are put together by hand to order.

Unique & Special

There was once a little lemon that turned bright red. 

He wasn't very happy and he wanted to be dead. 

Have faith and courage the mummy lemon said, it means you are unique so hold up your head. 

The little lemon thought a while, cheered up and smiled instead. 

He liked being very special and a lemon that is red.

Be Like Red Lemon

Be unique and special in one of our designs. Made with love from Red Lemon to you.

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